Quality Objects ready for download from Trainz-Objects website

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  • Hello guys, i start this thread to present my work,and give you the place for download my completed projects. From start i tell you theat i will focus on the scenery content.I think we need more quality objects to place on our routes and i hope you will apreciate and download my content .My website is www.trainz-objects.weebly.com and now have 5 geographic download category ,and one for winter objects.At this time the site has over 100 objects to be downloaded by you,and the number will increase surely. Also I would like to ask those who have they own trainz website ,to put my link on the links section of them website. I will do it as well. Thanks

    america.jpgpc screenshot
    ASIA SUAsua_asia.jpgpictures upload
    EUROPE EASTERN EUROPEeu_est.jpggifs uploadROMANIA
    romania.jpgimage hosting over 10mb

  • Sorry, but from me a huge thumbs down.
    On your site there are at least six scripts needed, and it is watched by three or more tracking sites.

    With half the scripts allowed you still can not download anything.

    So what should this be?


  • These here:

    4 scripts if the page ist loaded. If I allow the main domain already 6 scripts.
    And your page contains 3 tracking sites.
    An absolute no go for me and many others...

    For most Trainz users the really important question:

    Are your assets available on the DLS?


  • ok .thank you. i try to resolve some of them.
    And No. My content is not availeble on DLS. Why all people ask to upload on DLS? Anyway in my oppinion most of DLS content is ugly and old and verry low quality(in principally the routes).

  • Why so many people ask about availability of stuff on the DLS? Cuz they don't want to search on every single site which deals with trainz related stuff for a particular asset, that's why! The DLS is a reliable source and most of the time accessible, for everyone, even with or without a first class ticket. I don't know how long you work with trainz, but sometimes 3rd-party sites get closed and the previously offered content get lost.

    Quality: I think the quality of assets does not really depend on where it's stored. There are tons of really good looking stuff on the DLS. Again: The DLS is thought to be a central hub which can be used by every trainz user, that's the point.


  • Meine Liebe zu Trainz verbietet mir hier auf englich zu antworten!

    Was ShadowRock und Mick zum Ausdruck gebracht haben, dem kann ich nur voll zustimmen.

    @ burebista
    Inhalte die sich auf der DLS befinden derart zu verunklimpfen, ist wohl hier in diesem Forum die falsche Antwort! Diejenigen, die Content auf einer zentralen Plattform platzieren, haben den Trainzgedanken begriffen. Zu denen Sie meiner Meinung nach nicht zählen.

    Noch viel "Erfolg" mit Ihrer unschönen WebSite!

  • ok .thank you. i try to resolve some of them.
    And No. My content is not availeble on DLS. Why all people ask to upload on DLS? Anyway in my oppinion most of DLS content is ugly and old and verry low quality(in principally the routes).

    Hello burebista,

    * Deutsch weiter unten / german below*

    the thought behind the DLS is to make it easy to share routes and re-use content. Imagine you are a route builder and built a route with lots of contents and you want to share it.
    Everybody can load your map but has dozens of missing dependencies. In case you're not the author of ALL the assets, you're not allowed to pack all of the depending assets in a .cdp or .zip file. So you either have to ask EVERY author for permission, provide a linklist to all assets or - well just use built-in assets.

    That's exactly the point where the DLS is helpfull. You can use every available content (there's a filter in surveyor mode to filter for DLS-only assets), share your route and everything other trainz enthusiasts have to do is go to cmp and click "Install missing dependencies from DLS".
    You see - easier for you, easier for others. That's what I call a WIN-WIN-Situation! ;)


    in my oppinion most of DLS content is ugly and old and verry low quality

    You're right, because of it's over one decade history and no optical quality check, 80% of the DLS is filled with outdated or low quality assets. But if you dig enough or look for the latest Trainz versions or latest releases, there are really nice assets in there!


    der Gedanke hinter DLS ist es das Teilen von Content und die Wiederverwendung von Inhalten zu vereinfachen. Stell dir mal vor du bist ein Streckenbauer und hast eine Strecke mit vielen Modellen gebaut die du jetzt veröffentlichen möchtest.
    Jeder kann sich deine Map herunterladen, hat aber dutzende fehlende Abhängigkeiten. Im Falle dass du nicht der Autor ALLER Modelle bist, darfst du diese nicht einfach in eine .cdp oder .zip zusammenpacken. Also musst du entweder JEDEN Autor um Erlaubnis bitten, eine Linkliste zu den Modellen zur Verfügung stellen oder - naja Built-In Modelle benutzen.

    Genau das ist der Punkt an dem die DLS hilft. Du kannst jedes verfügbare Modell benutzen (Es gibt im Editor-Modus einen Filter um nur DLS-Inhalte anzuzeigen), deine Strecke weitergeben, und alles was andere Trainz-Entusiaten tun müssen ist den Knopf "Fehlende Abhängigkeiten von der DLS laden" im CMP zu drücken.
    Du siehst - einfacher für dich, einfacher für andere. Das ist was ich eine WIN-WIN-Situation nenne! ;)


    in my oppinion most of DLS content is ugly and old and verry low quality

    Da muss ich dir Recht geben. Aufgrund der über ein Jahrzehnt langen Geschichte der DLS und dem mangelenden optischen Qualitätscheck, sind 80% der DLS mit veraltetem oder gering detaillierten Modellen gefüllt. Aber wenn man tief genug gräbt oder nur nach der neuesten Trainz version bzw. den letzten Veröffentlichungen filtert, gibt es dort wirklich schöne Modelle!


  • Oh, Dear!

    I'm not going to talk about the DLS again, because the others explained his functionality in detail.
    But I just want you to know, that your answers are not the right way to do some advertising for your website.
    You sound very unfriendly and you seem to be not able to handle critics and/or suggestions . You also don't seem to care about our opinions.

    Another important point is that you offer "quality objects" for Trainz.
    Quality doesn't mean to build objects with file sizes over 40, 50, 60 or more Megabytes (you did, I looked up something of your content).
    Less is more! Effectively it means to get the most out of less expense and less work.
    You simply missed your target, so I better like to use older and ugly content (these are your words!) from the DLS and well known websites.

    And that's the worst way you can take to get a popular website.




    Ich werde nicht über die DLS sprechen, da meine Vorredner ihre Funktionsweise schon detailliert erklärt haben. Allerdings wollte ich dich wissen lassen, daß deine Antworten nicht der richtige Weg sind, um effektive Werbung für deine Website zu machen. Du kommst sehr unfreundlich rüber und scheinst nicht in er Lage Kritik und Anregung aufzunehmen. Das scheint dir auch völlig egal zu sein.

    Ein anderer wichtiger Punkt ist, daß du "hochwertige Objekte" für Trainz anbietest.
    Damit ist aber nicht gemeint, Objekte zu konstruieren die Dateigrößen von 40, 50, 60 oder mehr MB haben (du baust solche Objekte, ich habe mir einige von den deinen angesehen).
    Weniger ist mehr! Effektiv meint "Hochwertigkeit" das meiste aus wenig Aufwand und Arbeit herauszuholen.
    Du hast dein Ziel also verfehlt, sodaß ich lieber weiterhin die älteren, hässlicheren Inhalte (Deine Worte!) von der DLS oder anderen, bekannten Websiten verwende.

    Und das ist der schlechteste Weg den du einschlagen kannst um eine bekannte Website zu bekommen.


  • [...]Anyway in my oppinion most of DLS content is ugly and old and verry low quality[...]

    Are you serious?
    I downloaded only one asset (brb budova1,<kuid2:271214:21264:1>) and it's already nerving that you don't host the files yourself but put your stuff on a file hoster.

    Maybe others are quality objects but this I would only put somewhere in the background, where it can not be seen too clearly. This you call quality and you dare to call most stuff on the DLS ugly? Oh boy, you really have to learn a lot before you are so fare to criticize others in this way...


    P.S.: If you want to know how quality looks like, you should look i.e. here Reiterstellwerk Eilenburg

    P.P.S.: What about the license of the stuff you offer. As you state on your intro page that most models are not from you yourself?

    P.P.P.S.: 26 texture files in this asset! Quality?

  • ok, I think we have different views about routes and objects. many thanked me, and I had many downloads (and remember that people can see pictures and can decide if it's worth downloading or not), others have criticized me. does not matter because everything is free. I made this site to post various items that i found useful and which I have not found elsewhere. I use most of them in my route and I can not say them affect my performance and anyway everyone is free to choose for himself. Thank You!

  • works for me even with blockers on on Firefox... Which browser are you using, have you tried a different one?


    Funktioniert selbst mit angeschalteten Blockern bei mir (Firefox)... Welchen Browser hast du, schon einen anderen probiert, Mick?

    Greets, Mika