K49 Gleis (750mm) ​ / K49 Track (2ft 5½in)​ rail-only

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  • Please excuse me for using English.

    TANE SP3... your track is now faulty and will not show on my routes. :(

    Google translator........ Ihr Track ist jetzt fehlerhaft und wird auf meinen Bahnstrecken nicht angezeigt.

  • Hey euromodeller ,

    with SP3 N3V adjusted the validation for procedural tracks. Prior to that it was not a problem not to include (the still unused) slide chairs for junctions - which is the case for my tracks. I will probably not be able to publish an update prior of the beginning of August (no time earlier).

    Until then you could add the tag for the slidechairs in your config yourself with the mesh of the regular chairs.

    Open the assets „K49 Chairs-Left“ and „K49 Chairs-Right“ and copy the lines

    1. chair_single
    2. {
    3. mesh-asset <kuid:371826:XXXXXX>
    4. mesh "chair_single_<Side>_lod0.im"
    5. }

    And rename „chair_single“ to „blade_slidechair“. Then commit the changes and CM should be happy :)



  • Thank you my friend :)

    At first it would not work.

    Then I change .im to .trainzmesh and it worked.

    Is this OK ?



    mesh-asset <kuid:371826:20150628>

    mesh "chair_single_right_lod0.trainzmesh"




    mesh-asset <kuid:371826:20150628>

    mesh "chair_single_right_lod0.trainzmesh"


    Many thanks,


    (in England)

  • <kuid:371826:20170728> K49 Chairs-Left 15m twin sleeper

    <kuid:371826:20170729> K49 Chairs-Right 15m twin sleeper

    Diese beiden Objekte benötigen die gleiche Korrektur (en: these 2 objects need the same change).


  • Hallo,

    sorry ich bin noch ein Noob in Trainz.

    Unter Inhalte verwalten finde ich die K49 chairs left nicht und wie bearbeite ich diese?

    MfG Tilo

  • Since I submitted the edit to Twin sleeper track, it reverted to being faulty again.

    I will now wait for an official udate from Sachsenbahner.