EMM Modellbahn Warrenberg Schmalspurbahn

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  • euromodeller added a new file:

  • Servus!

    Kuid mit - (Minus) zu Beginn sollte eingebauter Content sein.

    Hier wird das Problem vom Ersteller EM besprochen:

    Link zum englischen AF

    Lösung dürfte derzeit löschen sein:

    Quote from AF

    I had kuid:-2:1001 come up as missing, I simply deleted it from the config.txt kuid table without any apparent detrimental effects on the route.

  • To be honest, this map is the first since years that makes me drive again in Trainz. At first I only want to check if it's working within TRS 19, it does. But the it struck me for its beauty. It is so coherent, everything fits!

    Thank you for this little but nonetheless so very beautiful jewel!


  • WOW!

    Danke Mick.

    You might like my next model, smaller and standard gauge with a little village of your Behelfsheim models :)


    Happy old Englishman :)

  • Hello Morten,

    It is OK to use it as a template, but as freeware only.

    It will be interesting to see what you do with it :)

    All the best,