My recent reskins

Ab Sofort kann das TrainzDepot nur noch zum Lesen aufgerufen werden, eine Nachfolge-Seite ist in Arbeit, siehe unsere Ankündigung. In Kürze wird eine Anlaufstelle für die deutschsprachige Trainz-Gemeinschaft bieten.
Zum 28.02.2019 werden persönliche Daten (u.A. Angaben im Benutzerprofil und private Nachrichten) gelöscht, bei Bedarf also bitte selbst sichern.

I recently started to make repaints, after 4 weeks here is my progress.

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  • Woah, those are extremely nice!

    Have you tried contacting the authors about publishing at least some of then? For xsoner I know he didn't have a large problem with that, but idk his current email.

    Greets, Mika

    • Hello Mika, no I haven't contacted any authors yet, I still have not finished with the details.

      It is something that I will do in the future.

      Is there a desire for fictional (fiktiv) railway operators?

    • I think I might have some photos of details on the FLIRT at home.

  • How did you solve the door problem of the FLIRT?

    • Hello, the door problem took me a long time to accomplish, I almost gave up!

      I am new to making reskins and so I had to learn (I am 67) but I carried on until I could get it right.

      'Copy and paste' was the winner, if you have tried to reskin the Flirt you will know of the difficulties involved!.

      I still have a window problem where the doors used to be, I will get it right eventually :)
      I cannot alter the interior, there are spaces where there should be seats, but I don't know how to change that.

      One day I will find a way.

    • I should also say that on the original model, the doors do not operate and there is no passenger function.

  • Can i get this Flirt?