Make Trainz more prototypical for german/european rail operations

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Often I've read about N3V not listening to the requests of german or european Trainz users.

I just talked to Tony Hilliam (CEO of N3V) about what we could do to create a better experience for german/european users.

As a result, i'd like to collect information about how to improve Trainz.

We've choosen a multi-step process:

A) Collecting information (via the attached forum topic, there are three questioned topics:

  • 1.) What improvements do you wish for Trainz in general?
  • 2.) What improvements do you wish in Trainz for european/german rail operations (what existing features aren't applicable - for new features see 1.))
  • 3.) What improvements do you wish for the german translation (compared to T:ANE) in the next trainz version(s)?

B) Analyzing those information, group them and offer a poll to users to priorize those things for themselves

C) Process the information, translate to english and create a kind of report to provide N3V hoping that at least some points will be implemented in a future trainz version.

For further information see the attached forum topic.

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