TrainzDepot-Advent Calendar 2018

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After the good feedback we recieved last year it will soon be time again for our TrainzDepot-Advent Calendar!

This means, to celebrate and enjoy the days leading up to christmas, throughout december you will have the chance to open a door every two, three or four days. But unlike most advent calendars, this one won't be filled with chocolate, but with Trainz content!

But wait, every two, three or four?

How often theres a door to open depends on you! Like last year, we will fill our advent calendar as a community together, and everybody is welcome to participate.

It doesn't matter what you submit - a train station? a repaint of a locomotive? a session? Get creative, everything for Trainz is welcome.

If you want to submit something, please send me ( Mika ) a private message with some details about what you want to submit, how big it is, and when you think you can have it finished. I take care of all organisational stuff and will fill the advent calender in a way that the surprises are equally distributed throughout the month.

I'll also be there for beta testing if you require someone to check if everythings fine with your submission.

Have fun filling the advent calendar and happy trainzing
Greets, Mika