Every ending is also a new beginning

From now, the TrainzDepot is in a read-only mode, see our announcement). From now, our new place-to-go, https://www.trainz.de is available.
Since 28.02.2019 personal data (e.g. profile contents, private messagers) has been deleted.

Dear users of the TrainzDepot,

after our data loss last week we as the TrainzDepot-Team had to ask outselfes the question, how we’re going to continue from now on. A full restore of the TrainzDepot as it was is unfortunately not possible, at least not one we can use in production again.

In the past we had already planned some changes and improvements, amongst other things we wanted to bring you news from the world of Trainz much quicker than before. Some of that was still in preperation when the crash happened – which we now want to take as a chance to get the planned things out there together with what you’re already used to.

The current TrainzDepot will be archived and creating new posts will no longer be possible, but the forum will stay open for reading. We were able to restore the forum database from the 15th January 2019 so that all text posts until then can be read, however all files uploaded since February 2018 were not be able to be restored. To comply with the german DSGVO law on end-user data storage, we will be deleting all personal data (avatars, log-in details, private messages) on the 28th February 2019. Please backup anything you need.

The archive of the older TrainzDepot from 2011 will be unavailable for the unforseeable future. We still have the files but due to the fact that its software is so outdated, its not possible to get it running again under newer software in a secure state for now.

But as every ending is a new beginning, we will obviously continue to offer a platform to the german trainz community.

We will be using our new website under trainz.de to provide a new home for the german trainz community.
Under the current circumstances it’s easier for us to get the planned changes and improvements done and break with some old problems, we felt were bad for our community on the long term, at once under a new name and web presence. At the same time we want to underline our position as the (major) german trainz community with our new web adress ending in .de.

In the future we want to offer you a newly structured platform around Trainz as a whole, the community, downloads and of course knowledge in content creation.

Please allow us for a few more days of time to finalize our ideas. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated here.

See you on our new site soon!

Your Trainz.DE-Team

Christian, Groddus, Mika and Sebastian

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